Surface Cleaning

We offer friendly, reliable and affordable exterior cleaning solutions to all areas of your property. Commercial and domestic services available.

GS Services ~ Cleaning Shopfronts, Paved areas, Car Parks, Pub Outdoor eating / drinking areas, Buildings as well as stripping masonry paint from buildings – removing graffiti.

We offer a specialist service cleaning shopfronts and awnings above shops or cafés. Awnings in particular can suffer from becoming covered in pigeon mess, algae and grime. Hot water and detergent will leave yours looking Immaculate and really standing out from other commercial premises in your street.

We can carry out the work early morning, late evening, nights or weekends, whichever time is quietest for your business. You do not need to be open for us to be able to work. Please contact us for details.

A facade, driveway or shopfront that has been cleaned really stands out.

It looks fresh, well cared for and says that you care about the impression you are giving.

And as we know, first impressions count!

Service of buildings, paths, walls, patios, car parks etc. Removing – chewing gum – paint removal – grease & oil removal to name a few, also clean areas of moss and algae. This could include cleaning – shopping malls, monuments, statues, machinery…. etc… All work can be scheduled to suit you – The job will be completed safely and with the minimum of disruption the deep cleaning can be scheduled out of hours, to suit your schedule.